The Best Years!

After passing out of high school I was faced with a major dilemma of choosing the ‘college’ I wished to attend! In fact deciding my stream was a secondary matter! Opinions from my acquaintances young and old were in abundance (good, bad, neutral all included!) Finally, I decided to take the plunge and entered a world of amazing experiences, one of which is the opportunity to pen these few lines.

I must confess I was wary of joining Carmel’s merely because most of my colleagues decided to enrol in ‘fun’ colleges and I was …well, let’s say not! But what was done was done, there was no turning back…and the following two years proved that I had made the best decision of my life.

The first thing one notices while entering Carmel Higher Secondary School is its beautiful campus, the calm and soothing ambience and of course the warm presence of the faculty. All these elements made my two years there pleasurable but that was not all. Once in Carmel’s my first observation was that all the stereotypical notions people have about an all girl’s school were wrong…a complete faux pas. In fact it was this very aspect that I liked. Some say that being in a single sex school leaves one prudish but I learnt different. It has an almost magical way of encouraging students to be fearless, curious, to be enthusiastic – in short, to just be themselves. We could think out of the box, not fearing that other’s would judge us… more importantly we were assured that no one would. Exploring our talents, our thoughts, and values was what Carmel’s was all about! Our confidence was nurtured not only by the teaching staff but the non teaching staff as well. It was as if they were oblivious to the words ‘IMPOSSIBLE’, ‘NO’, ‘UNATTAINABLE’ and the like. I clearly recollect how the staff used to raise our spirits during Annual Day rehearsals, the various events that were organised and most importantly during class hours, exams even when things were going rough. We were never allowed to give up! Unlike a co-ed institution where boys are made to do ‘boy jobs’, here in Carmel’s all jobs were ‘girl jobs’. We could do and would get done anything we put our minds to.

Another aspect I loved about my time in Carmel’s was the fact that Loneliness was a stranger to me (and to others as well!) Every young girl was a part of a huge loving and caring Carmelite family. What I mean to say is every one mattered at Carmel’s, everyone’s opinion was considered, everyone’s talent tapped and allowed to grow. Thus, when we had to finally leave this place we left as smart, intelligent, independent, confident and virtuous young ladies ready to take on the world!

‘The mists of nostalgia colour memories’. I stepped out of Carmel’s over three years ago and have trodden many paths since then. Yet, many a times I still reminisce about all the fun we girls had during those two glorious years. Something I will remember, something I will live by forever.


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