Value of Time!

Well, where do I begin? It’s that time of the year when exams are the only cause of stress in the life of us students. Words like FUN, MOVIES, MUSIC, and FRIENDS take the back seat and are replaced by unfriendly and hostile words like ECONOMICS, PSYCHOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS and MATHEMATICS.

It was during this rush hour when I was trying to figure out how I was going to manage my time and get ready for my upcoming exams that my English teacher announces an oral exam that carried 10 marks (so much for time management!!). So here I was sitting racking my brains to think of a topic I could speak on when a book that my mom bought the other day caught my eye and as you all know a solitary book can never be left unread especially if the other and only option is “to study”.

Anyway I picked the book and began reading. I could write an entire article on the joys of reading when a tiny little paragraph hit me on the head like a brick. It said and I quote,’ Each of us has a bank, every morning it credits 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest for a good purpose. It carries no balance. It allows no overdraft. Remember there is no going back, no saying I’ll catch it tomorrow. You must live in the present for today has only 86,400 seconds.’ This got me thinking. It was indeed food for thought.

Having read this, it dawned onto me that often I have thought of time as the fastest and tried to stop it only to realize that it cannot be stopped, but have I ever made an effort to utilize the time in my hand for a good purpose, ? Our commitments are vast and time limited. In spite of this the fact is Quality of time spent gives value to time. like time spent with the family, love and concern shown for one another, bringing a smile on the face of the unfortunate…

All of you are probably thinking,” But how can we do this in a fast moving world of ours?” Believe me its very simple! Amidst your busy schedule you are asked to prepare a cup of tea by your tired parents or a weak student seeks your help to understand a problem and you do it. This is how you make your time valuable. You treasure the time spent to better yourself and time used for justice rather than time used to cheat or hurt someone.

Our world is full of sorrow and injustice. If we use the time in our hands to make it worse, of what use are we? If we look into our life’s journey, at all the ups and downs, feel proud of what we have done then we have done justice to time. But if we look back and feel ashamed then time has no value. We all believe in the Almighty Creator, He created all things in its own time, so let us do justice to His creation and use the time given to us the best way we can.

Finally I quote CHESTER FIELD,”I recommend you to take care of minutes, for the hours will take care of themselves.”


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