Swiss Maestro!

So the media has begun its mockery of the Greatest Tennis Player in History aka Roger Federer once again after the US Open 2010 loss in the semi finals against the Serb Novak Djokovic! And once again I as a fan am subject to ridicule by friends acquaintances and people in general.

I really don’t get it….okay may be as a Federer fan, I at times go over the edge in supporting him…and at times may be bordering Psychotic….but why is it that the media is on this constant endeavour to belittle a man who has contributed so much to Tennis History? Why is Tennis all about the so called rivalry between Roger and an Ogre aka Rafael Nadal and no longer about the sport?

Roger is and will always be a part of tennis history! He is undisputedly the GREATEST OF ALL TIMES! His play, strategy, movement on court, grace and elegance can never be equalled by any player in the tennis circuit! It was Roger Federer who raised the level of Tennis to be a sport of Elegance and Grace!

I don’t care much about Rafa as a player cause i believe he has no strengths as a player besides stamina……and so i am more or else INDIFFERENT to his existence….BUT it pisses me off when people compare the two!One cannot compare a Lion (Roger Federer) to a mouse (Rafa)! I mean to say that with Rafa its all about Victory, Winning, DESTROYING the Opponent….whereas with Roger its about playing Tennis, the love and passion for the game!

Roger Fans like Roger are PASSIONATE AND LOYAL to the core….and even though there are many who are looking forward and awaiting eagerly for the downfall of Federer….bear in mind…..we will always have Roger’s Back! And NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can change that!


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