FEDALS?!? Don’t get them!

I am a self confessed ROGERHOLIC!!! Federer’s in my head, on my mind 24*7! I love his game, I love his passion for it, I love his knowledge about tennis and its history, I love his records….I even love his personality, his humility, his grace, elegance on and off the field……I even love it when he cries (I think its ABSOLUTELY SEXY)!

I am ecstatic in his victories, sad (yet hopeful) in his losses, love his family…just EVERYTHING about him is peRFect!! Clearly I can go on and on about this magnificent phenomenon!!

But at the same time I love tennis too and truly appreciate the game and its players!! I like Roddick, Djokovic, Soderling and various other BUT NONE to the extent of Roger of course!!

Its great to like the styles of different players but how does ONE like two absolutely different contrasting styles, two players with absolutely distinct personalities.

And that’s what leaves me baffled about FEDALS (people who like both Federer and Nadal). Its like loving

1-The hard working muscular bull AND the lean, fluent gazelle;

2-The muscle top tight fitted clothes dressed in-your-face appearance AND the classic conservative styled classic-cut outfits and loose fitted clothes;

One can’t possibly love both in the same measure?!?!

I can however comprehend people who love WATCHING a Fedal match…wherein there is a battle of the two..ultimately being indifferent to outcome of the match!! But saying “i don’t care who wins cause I love them both!!” is baffling and distasteful almost.


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