My Own Eulogy

Till now i am ask myself why is it that no one believes in me,
Still I find myself left alone,
I make friends without expecting anything in return,
But gradually as we start understanding each other,
Why is it that always ‘I, Me, Myself” is the first thing that comes from my mouth?
I say I am selfish, yet its true the other person also is the same,
I may be frank and say everything that comes to mind whether it hurts or not,
As i believe I have to show the reality of truth to my friend.
I never consider what will hurt but I would love to speak my mind not stifle it within me,
Once i tried keeping things to myself and who suffered was just me, no one else.
My suffering was optional, my friend didn’t understand when I told him the same,
He said that time had passed by and that I should have conveyed the same earlier.

The more you share, the stronger a relationship gets,
The bond doesn’t depend on what people depends on what we think.

I still believe I made some space in your world,

Today or tomorrow my presence will vanish,

But some day I hope I will be always be remembered.Image


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