A year gone by…



I gotta admit 2012 was not my BEST YEAR- not even close! 25th year of my life actually! It came in quick and passed by even quicker – a good thing? MAY BE! But nevertheless painful!

However 2012 had loads of memories created for me – some good, some bad, some really bad and some ugly…extremely ugly! But I know I am gonna treasure each and every memory simply because I have had the opportunity to learn a lot from them…priceless wisdom some would say!

The good memories made me realise I am worthy of happiness, joy and peace just like every other human being…that life is a gift given to us to enjoy every breath we take (please don’t sing Every breath you take), every moment is precious and can never be brought back so avoid and spare me the fretting and grumbling please!! Don’t just exist, LIVE!!!

The bad made me realise there can be no good without the bad. You gotta feel pain to truly appreciate pleasure. More importantly it made me empathetic, made me check every word that comes outta my mouth, made me think before I act carelessly as I now I knew and could feel the pain that another would/could feel in a given similar situation.

And of course the ugly, the ugly that made me fall to the bottom of the deepest pit and at the same taught me that nothing…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can keep you down unless and until you wanted to remain there!! I know now I can survive anything and move on. The human mind is a magnificent thing.

I met a lot of people in 2012. I developed several relationships with  people of varying levels…levels I never knew existed! Some continue to exist, some just phased off, some required me to deliberately shut them off! Interesting! Two things however stood out to me:

  1. If someone cares about you and is kind to you… BEWARE!! Be prudent and alert. If the person still continues to care…Never NEVER let that person go…Cherish him/her always! On the other hand If you care about someone and that person is suspicious at first…let him/her be…continue to care and be kind. Despite such caring and kindness, however, if that person does not seem grateful…let him/her go….do not look back!!
  2. Do not trust easily. However if you did and this trust was broken..don’t lose hope it only makes you stronger.

Bottom line is that 2012 did manage to make me older, wiser and smarter (some of my friends thought that was not possible –in your face guys) and I am thoroughly grateful for that! 

Now for the wishes:

  • To all the people I have known before 2012 started and have continued to be a part of my life – Thanks for being there for me…know you are treasured and cherished. 
  • To all those who I met in 2012 and continue to want to be in my life – Thanks and beware I only get crazier.
  • To those who are no longer want me around – Thanks for the memories and for teaching me at such an early age that there exist D**kheads like yourself that I have to keep away from.

On this beautiful note I welcome 2013…you can’t be worse than 2012 and even if you are BRING IT ON..I can deal with you…I know I can!!

Happy New Year!!


A brand new year!
A clean slate on which to write
our hopes and dreams.
This year:
Less time and energy on things;
More time and energy on people.
All of life’s best rewards,
deepest and finest feelings,
greatest satisfactions,
come from people–
people like you.


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