Free advice : Take it or Leave it!!!


Hmmm …. Soooo here is free advice for those who care… My life experiences have taught me thus:

If someone cares about you and is kind to you… BEWARE!! Be prudent and alert.
If the person still continues to care.. Never NEVER let that person go.. Cherish him/her  always!

On the other hand
If you care about someone.. And that person is suspicious at first…let him/her be…continue to care and be kind.¬†Despite such caring and kindness, however, if that person does not seem grateful…let him/her go….do not look back!!


What pisses me off?


What pisses me off is the fact that a beautiful friendship that could’ve lasted between a boy and a girl gets fucked up…totally fucked up…cause the girl develops ‘feeling’, feelings of bloody ‘love’ for that boy who she thought was the one person who truly understood her, who cared for her, who she could share her deepest thoughts with…all fucked up!!

In reality the boy sees girl as merely a ‘friend’, good friend even..but LOVE (na huh…zilch!!). Girl is faced with the hurtful dilemma of balancing friendship and her feelings of love. There are moments she wants her old buddy…times when she wished he could love her, acknowledge her feelings at least..moments she wants to spend time with him jjust to hear his voice and moments when she does not even want him in sight!

A pitiful condition…a condition where love fucks up a friendship!:(