God and Me in troubled times


I always fight with You,

I always say I will do what I want,

But You invariably interfere with my life,

However much I want to deny You,

You seem never to allow me forget the say You have in my life,

Why? How? I am still trying to find out.

I live in a world of denial,

Because deep inside I know,

However hard I might try and fight You

You would never allow me to win,

Is it that You cant see me happy?

Cause as soon as happiness comes knocking at my door,

You show up and play Your game,

That is why I say I tend to doubt You, 

Because You do whatever it is You feel like,

And never ever what I want.

May be I am selfish,

But why do You always choose me and not others?Image


The Right Words


Lord, give me the right words to say

To broken hearts that come my way,

To those who have been hurt before

That, I not hurt them any more.

To those whose hearts have hardened up,

To those who won’t hold out their cup,

That, Lord, You long to overflow

With love and mercy. Lord, let me know.

That I might have the words to say,

That I might plant a seed today,

That glory would be given to You

Through all I say and all I do.

Lord, give me the right words to say,

More hearts are breaking every day,

They’re out there crying in the night,

I long to help them see the light.

But, fragile are those souls and weak,

So this is why Your words I seek,

And pray Thee give me words to say

That I, not one soul, turn away.